Liberia Airport (LIR) Shuttle Service

LIR Shuttle is a licensed airport shuttle and general transportation company. We operate private airport shuttles and shared airport shuttles from and to the Liberia, Costa Rica Airport (LIR). We also operate private transfers between destinations throughout Costa Rica.

About LIR Shuttle

LIR Shuttle is a small, independent and locally-owned company with the backing of over 20 years of combined experience in the tourism transportation industry. We’ve operated hundreds of private airport shuttles, shared airport shuttles and private transfers in a safe and timely manner.

Our services are competitively priced while maintaining high comfort and safety standards. Get a quote today and we will be happy to help you organize your transportation from and to Liberia Airport.

Where to find us at the Liberia Airport (LIR)

The Liberia Airport is a small airport when compared to most international airports in the US, Canada and Europe. As such, most transportation services are found just outside the arrivals terminal after you have gone through immigration, have claimed your luggage and have cleared customs. Our drivers will meet you just outside this terminal and will be recognized by the "LIR Shuttle" signs they will be holding. If you have a reservation, please make sure that your name is clearly printed on the sign.

Our #1 advice: Book your Liberia Airport shuttle in advance

Our number one recommendation if you are flying into Liberia, Costa Rica Airport is that you book your Liberia Airport shuttle in advance. Booking in advance will not only ensure that you get to your destination quickly, but will also help you avoid overpriced and unauthorized airport transportation services at the terminal. You will also will quickly get you to your hotel, home, vacation rental or Airbnb property.

ALERT! For your safety, avoid any unsolicited transportation services at the Liberia Airport.

Booking a Liberia Airport shuttle

Liberia Airport shuttle services are offered by an ever-growing number of companies, both local and foreign, and are the most common and convenient way to get from LIR Airport to your destination in Costa Rica. Booking is usually a straightforward process, and you can rest assured that someone will be waiting for you when you get out of the airport. Here is some information you might find helpful when booking your shuttle. If you have a question about Liberia Airport’s shuttle transportation services please let us know and we will answer any questions you might have.

Choosing a Liberia Airport Shuttle company

The airport shuttle transportation industry is very competitive. Liberia, Costa Rica Airport’s is not and exception. To narrow down your options, try to focus on companies that offer some kind reputation in the form of traveler reviews. TripAdvisor ratings are great, but keep in mind that they can be easily manipulated by the companies who pay for positive reviews. From our experience, Google Business Reviews offer a better insight into the legitimacy and reputation of a company. Also, pay attention to the way your emails and quote requests are handled. Prompt, properly redacted emails usually mean better customer support and that’s a must when dealing with transportation to and from the Liberia Airport.

Compare prices

Liberia Airport shuttle prices vary a lot. To give you an example, Company A charges $283 USD for a round-trip shuttle between Liberia Airport and Tamarindo Diria Hotel. Doing some quick shopping we found out that Company B charges $160 USD round-trip for the same service – that’s almost half the price! Our recommendation is that try at least 4 to 5 different companies for price requests. The cheapest Liberia Airport Shuttle is not necessarily the way to go, so balance customer service with price to come up with a good value-to-service ratio when booking your shuttle. Also try asking your company if they offer any price matching. Sometimes you feel you have contacted the right company but the price is higher than other companies, so try asking if they can match your lower quote. In most cases, they will agree to match the lower price.

When to book

Most Liberia Airport shuttle companies will accept bookings up to 4 hours in advance. In some cases, even less advanced notice is needed to make a reservation, so it is up to you to decide when to make your reservation. But there is nothing like planning with enough time, however, and as a rule of thumb we recommend booking your Liberia Airport shuttle at least a week or more before your arrival.

Information needed to book your shuttle

Online booking is not yet the standard when booking a Liberia Airport Shuttle. Only a few companies do offer it (usually the most expensive companies), but most (like us) still do old fashioned email communication before booking your shuttle. Use whichever makes you most comfortable, but always make sure you have your correct arrival and departure flight information into LIR when booking. We have had cases where clients either make a reservation for a different date, or confuse their flight numbers and arrival/departure times. This has cost some travelers expensive re-booking fees after missing a flight, or at best hours of waiting at the Liberia Airport because no one was expecting them when they arrived. That;s why it is very important that you make sure you are familiar with your flight dates, flight numbers and arrival/departure times into and out of Liberia Airport (LIR) when making a reservation. That will save you, and your airport shuttle provider, a lot of time and, in the case of a missed flight, a lot of money.

Forms of payment

The majority of transportation companies working out of Liberia Airport will do either US cash or credit card payments. Only a few will only do either cash or credit card payment. That’s why it is very important to ask, ahead of time, what kind of payment is preferred. We do not recommend exchanging money to pay your Liberia Airport shuttle with local currency. The reason is that if you exchange before getting to Costa Rica, or at the airport, you will get a very disadvantageous exchange rate. So, bring US currency with you if you plan to pay in cash.

Avoid double bookings

Double bookings for airport shuttles are more common than you think. And we have identified the two most common reasons for this to happen: 1) Confusing the name of the Liberia Airport shuttle company - and we don’t blame you! Since there is a lot of competition between Liberia Airport shuttle companies, most will look for an edge by using closely related keywords as their business’ name. So, to avoid very uncomfortable situations at the airport, always make sure you have only one reservation. Should you find a double booking, you can always cancel one of the services. Most companies don’t have penalties for doing so and will actually appreciate the advanced notice of cancellation. 2) Lack of communication between passengers when booking. Read this as one person makes a reservation without telling the other one about it. Yes, sounds simple but it happens a lot. Specially in large groups. To avoid this, designate one person in your group as the one in charge to book your airport shuttle.

Private vs shared shuttle

You’ve probably come across many sites offering either shared or private transportation. Let’s look at what you can expect for either service to determine which is best for you.


The majority of Liberia Airport shuttle services are private. This means that you hire a vehicle in which you, or your party, will be the only passengers and will be taken directly to your destination as soon as you exit the airport. This service’s most obvious disadvantage is that it is more expensive than the shared shuttle. However, if your party consists of 3 or more passengers the private shuttle might be less expensive than the shared shuttle.

Let’s look, for example, at the shared shuttle between LIR Airport and La Fortuna. The rate per person for this service is $59 USD and departs daily at 8AM. For a group of 2 the total rate will be $118 USD, about $41 USD less than what the private service will cost (between $159 to 169 USD). In this case, if there are 3 or more passengers in your party, the shared shuttle becomes more expensive than a private one.


Pricing aside, the private shuttle is convenient because it will go directly to your destination, no additional stops or waiting for other passengers. Let’s face it, not everybody is as punctual as they should be, and this could cause some delays in the shared shuttle. If time is not an issue, and you are traveling solo or in a group of two people, then the shared shuttle is your best option. It is also a great way to meet other travelers who are going to the same destination.

Another factor to consider is wen to book either service. Shared shuttles should be booked well in advance to guarantee your seats, that means booking at least 7 days before your arrival. Also consider that most shared shuttle fares are not refundable if cancelled within 3 to 4 days before your arrival. Private shuttles, on the other hand, offer a more flexible booking schedule. Most can even be booked within hours of your arrival and cancellation policies are much more flexible.

Some of our Liberia Airport Shuttle routes: