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Liberia, Costa Rica Airport Shuttle Service

Hi! We are LIR Shuttle, a licensed and insured airport shuttle and general transportation company. We operate private airport shuttles and shared airport shuttles from and to the Liberia, Costa Rica Airport (LIR), as well as private transfers between destinations throughout Costa Rica.

About LIR Shuttle

LIR Shuttle is a small, independent and locally-owned company with the backing of over 20 years of combined experience in the tourism transportation industry. We’ve operated thousands of private airport shuttles, shared airport shuttles and private transfers in a safe and timely manner.

Our services, competitively priced while maintaining high comfort and safety standards, will make your first impression of Costa Rica a positive one. Get a quote today and we will be happy to help you organize your transportation from and to the Liberia Airport.

Our #1 advice: Book your Liberia Airport shuttle in advance

Our number 1 recommendation if flying into LIR, is that you book your Liberia Airport shuttle in advance. Booking in advance will ensure a smooth arrival process and will help you avoid overcharges for onsite and unauthorized transportation services. You will also quickly get you to your hotel, home, vacation rental or Airbnb property.

Where to find us at the Liberia Airport (LIR)

The Liberia Airport is a small airport when compared to most international airports in the US, Canada and Europe. As such, most transportation services are found just outside the only arrivals terminal after you have gone through immigration, have claimed your luggage and have cleared customs. Our drivers will meet you just outside this terminal and will be recognized by the “” or "LIR Shuttle" signs they will be holding. Make sure your name is clearly printed in the sign.

ALERT! For your safety, avoid any unsolicited transportation services at the Liberia Airport.

Liberia Airport shuttle operating hours

Our private airport shuttles are available and operate 24/7 and run 365 days a year, including during local and international holidays. Shared airport shuttles do not operate 24/7 and schedules will vary depending on your destination.

Popular Liberia Airport Shuttle routes: