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Booking Liberia Airport Shuttles

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A Rough Guide to Booking Liberia Airport (LIR) shuttle services

Liberia Airport shuttle services, offered by an ever-growing number of companies, both local and foreign, are the most common and convenient way to get from LIR Airport to your destination in Costa Rica. The booking process is usually straight forward, and you will rest assured that some one will be waiting for you when you get out of the airport. So here is some information you might find helpful when going through the process of booking your shuttle. If you have a question about Liberia Airport’s shuttle transportation services please let us know, we will do our best to answer your questions.

Finding a company | Price Range | Flight information needed when booking | When to book | Payment methods | Avoid double bookings

Finding a company: The airport shuttle transportation business is very competitive industry, Liberia, Costa Rica International Airport’s is not and exception. So first, try to focus on companies that offer some kind reputation. TripAdvisor ratings are great, but keep in mind that they can be easily manipulated by the companies. From our experience, Google Business Reviews offer better insight into the legitimacy and reputation of a company. Also, pay attention to the way your emails and quote requests are handled. Prompt, properly redacted emails usually mean better customer support and that’s a must when dealing with transportation to and from Liberia Airport.
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Price range: This is a tough one because pricing varies a lot. To give you an example, company A charges $283 USD for a round-trip shuttle between Liberia Airport and the Tamarindo Diria Hotel. Doing some quick shopping we found out that company B charges $160 USD round-trip for the same service – that’s almost half price! So, send at least 4 to 5 price requests. You don’t necessarily have to go for the cheapest option, but balance customer service with price to come up with a good value-to-service ratio when booking your shuttle.
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Company A

Company A price

Company B

Company B price

Information needed when booking: Some Liberia Airport shuttle companies have online booking (usually the most expensive companies) while others (like us) still do old fashion email communication before booking your shuttle. Use whichever makes you most comfortable, but always make sure you have your correct arrival and departure flight information into LIR when booking. We have had cases where clients either make a reservation for a different date, or confuse their flight numbers and arrival/departure times. This has cost some of our clients expensive re-booking fees after missing a flight, or at best hours of waiting at the Liberia Airport because no one was expecting them when they arrived. So, again, make sure you are familiar with your flight dates, flight numbers and arrival/departure times into and out of Liberia Airport (LIR) when making a reservation. That will save you, and your airport shuttle provider, a lot of time and, in the case of a missed flight, a lot of money.
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When to book: Most Liberia Airport shuttle companies will accept bookings up to 12 hours in advance. In some case even less advanced notice is needed to make a reservation, so it is up to you to decide when to make your reservation. There is nothing like planning with enough time, however, and as a rule of thumb we recommend booking your Liberia Airport shuttle at least a week or more before your arrival.
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Payment methods: The majority of transportation companies working out of Liberia Airport will do either US cash or credit card payments. Only a few will only do either cash or credit card payment. That’s why it is very important to ask, ahead of time, what kind of payment is preferred. We do not recommend exchanging money to pay your Liberia Airport shuttle with local currency. The reason is that if you exchange before getting to Costa Rica, or at the airport, you will get a very disadvantageous exchange rate. So, bring US currency with you if you plan to pay in cash.
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Avoid double bookings: Double bookings for airport shuttles are more common than you think. And we have identified the two most common reasons for this to happen: 1) Confusing the name of the Liberia Airport shuttle company - and we don’t blame you! Since there is a lot of competition between Liberia Airport shuttle companies, most will look for an edge by using closely related keywords as their business’ name. So, to avoid very uncomfortable situations at the airport, always make sure you have only one reservation. Should you find a double booking, you can always cancel one of the services. Most companies don’t have penalties for doing so and will actually appreciate the advanced notice of cancellation. 2) Lack of communication between passengers when booking. Read this as one person makes a reservation without telling the other one about it. Yes, sounds simple but it happens, a lot. Specially in large groups. To avoid this, designate one person in your group as the one in charge to book your airport shuttle.
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We hope this information is helpful. If there is something we have not covered here, please let us know. Or send us an email with your Liberia Airport shuttle booking questions.
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