Liberia, Costa Rica Airport (LIR)

Since its first international flights in 1995, the Liberia, Costa Rica Airport (LIR Airport for short) has been growing at a steady pace to become the second most important airport in Costa Rica, and the sixth busiest in Central America. Located only a few minutes west of the city of Liberia, the airport is strategically located in Costa Rica’s northwest region, making it the airport of choice for travelers looking to enjoy Costa Rica’s sunny west coast. This is a brief guide for those flying into the Liberia, Costa Rica Airport. We hope you find it useful.

Flight Status

LIR Airport Flight Status: LIR Airport Arrivals | LIR Airport Departures

Costa Rica Entry Requirements

Costa Rica Entry Requirements: If you hold a Mexican, Canadian or United States passport you are allowed to stay in Costa Rica for up to 90 days without a consular visa. The following requirements, however, must be met at the time of entry:

1) Passport must have a minimum validity of one day (if you arrive in Costa Rica on January 1st and your passport expires January 2nd, you are cleared. If you arrive on January 1st and your passport expires on January 1st you will not be allowed into the country.

2) You must prove economic sufficiency during your visit. A minimum of $100 USD for each month of legal permanency in the country is required (coming for 1 month, you must show $100 USD in funds; coming for 2 months you must show $200 USD in funds, etc).

3) You must show a bill, ticket or voucher for the continuation of your trip. Your airline’s round-trip airfare confirmation is enough. If you have it on your phone or tablet be ready to show it to your immigration officer.

Ground Transportation

LIR Airport Ground Transportation: The most popular transportation option to get from LIR Airport to your destination, and back, is the Liberia Airport Shuttle which are provided by many companies in Liberia. You also have the option of local taxis in the event of you not having a Liberia Airport Shuttle reservation. Public transportation is also accessible from the airport and can connect you to basically anywhere in the country. If you opt for this option, we highly recommend you speak some Spanish.

Liberia, Costa Rica Airport

Departure Tax

Costa Rica Departure Tax: Since 2015, most airlines include the $29 USD Costa Rica exit tax in the price of their airfares. That means you no longer have to stand in line at the airport to pay it. The Costa Rica Revenue Service (Ministerio de Hacienda) has authorized the following airlines to charge this tax directly in their airfares. If your airline is not listed here, or if you are flying a privately to Costa Rica, you will have to pay the exit tax at the authorized office at LIR Airport.

List of airlines that include the Costa Rica exit tax in their airfares: